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5 Popular Inscriptions On Handmade Quilts For Babies
Handmade baby quilt is a unique gift that shows how much you love and care about the new bundle of joy. The most popular way to add that extra special touch to any quilt is with an inscription. Sometimes it's goofy, sometimes it's heartfelt. Either way, an inscription is important. Here are five of the most popular inscriptions for your handmade baby quilts.

1. "A package of joy, a bundle of bliss/This quilt for baby was sealed with a kiss." This old fashioned rhyme is an excellent inscription to surround an applique or to simply add to a corner of a quilt. Mothers love using this on their own handmade gift for their child.

2. "Blessed are the children, for they shall inherit the quilts!" Goofy yet eloquent, this quote plays off of the classic Biblical phrase, "Blessed are the meek..." This is a great choice for a baby quilt that has a cute Christian theme. If your mother to be has a hobby of quilting (or if you do), this is a great inscription that will always remind the recipient of you.

3. "A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on." This basically says that children are the ultimate blessing. They are proof that your family line will go on and there can't be any blessing bigger than that. This is a great choice for handmade baby quilts as a Christening gift, or as a gift for a mom to be.

4. "Ten little fingers/ Ten little toes/ The sweetest of smiles/ And a cute little nose/ All these add up/ To a wonderful thing--/ A baby--/ The greatest gift/ Life can bring." A great rhyme is a great way to give your baby quilt a homey, loving touch. This sweet little poem is a throwback to simpler times when poems were a way to convey one's feelings in an eloquent and tasteful way.

5. "When you sleep under this quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love." The biggest perk about this inscription is that it can be used for almost any purpose, by any religious belief, and by any culture. This is a quote that will stay pertinent long after your baby grows out of his diapers and will ensure that the baby quilt will remain a family treasure for days to come.

Using a well-known inscription or creating one of your own and adding it to a handmade baby quilt gives extra personality and meaning to such a special gift.

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