28 Common Fabric Definitions

There are all types of fabrics for upholstery, drapery, curtains, clothing, quilting, interior designs, etc. Listed below are 28 fabric definitions used for different craft and decorating projects.

1. Acetate: A man-made fiber comprising cellulose acetate and found in many luxury materials. It's quick drying and must be pressed with an interesting iron. Rayon acetate is utilized in drapery fabric.

2. Acrylic: A man-made fabric often found in knitted fabrics. Its features are mass and warmth without pounds. It can give great form wrinkle and retention resistance to fabrics.

3. Anidex: This is a fresh fiber used to elastic-type spandex yarns. It really is, however, a lot more resistant to heat, sunshine, and chemical substances, but has much less elongation stretch.

4. Vintage Lace: Handmade bobbin lace made out of weighty thread and square knotted mesh. Identical types of lace are available in drapery fabrics.

5. Vintage Taffeta: A crisp, lustrous fabric with slubbed yarns resembling types created before silk was finely cultivated. Formal draperies and bedspreads are made from antique taffeta frequently.

6. Appenzell: Swiss hand embroidery done with a buttonhole stitch.

7. Applique: A separate design which is usually sewn or attached to a cloth. Applique enable you to decorate plain fabrics and become utilized as pillow covers after that, for instance.

8. Arabesque: Ornamental, well balanced design and style in scrolled effects geometrically.

9. Bainin: Handwoven Irish woolen cloth manufactured in the Aran Islands.

10. Bark Cloth: non-woven material manufactured in the tropics from the internal bark of trees, beaten and soaked out to the mandatory thinness, dyed or ornamented with published patterns then. Also, woven drapery fabric that imitates the tough appearance of bark fabric.

11. Basket Weave: An interlaced weave resembling a plaited basket. Cotton blended with synthetic makes a solid and good-seeking basket weave for upholstery and slipcovers.

12. Batik Fabric: Javanese procedure for wax-dying fabric. Parts of cloth are coated with wax which is cut to form the design then. Only the uncovered elements of the dye be studied by the cloth. Batik effects are simulated in printing also. The prints, tropical in character, are best for summery areas as slipcovers and laminated on tones.

13. Batiste: Sheer fabric, once cotton or silk and made of man-made fibers aswell now. Called for Jean Baptiste, a French linen weaver.

14. Benares: Silk and metal tissue manufactured in Benares, India.

15. Bias Tape: Double or one fold of tape lower on the bias and utilized to bind edges.

16. Blends: Mixed yarns that often merge organic fibers with synthetics.

17. Block Print: Old procedure for applying design through carved wooden blocks.

18. Bolt: Entire amount of cloth from a loom.

19. Bonding: Uniting of two fabrics to make a more robust cloth. Fabrics can be bonded to a number of materials including knit and foam. A lightweight fabric can be bonded to knit for a heavier excess weight and then used for upholstery.

20. Botany: A generic word for fine wool used interchangeably with merino wool.

21. Boucle: Tightly looped fabric that is very sturdy. It's particularly good for covered pieces that take a lot of wear and tear.

22. Braid: Round or tubular narrow fabric for binding or trimming.

23. Bretenne Lace: Net with embroidered designs of heavy thread.

24. Broadcloth: Closely woven fabric with lustrous end made of many different fibers and blends.

25. Brocade: Raised, figurative designs on lustrous fabric.

26. Brocatelle: A heavy furniture and drapery fabric comparable to brocade but with figures in high relief.

27. Burlap: Jute fabric that is coarse and plainly woven. Its uses include both wall coverings and drapery.

28. Butcher Linen: A coarse, homespun linen. The texture is now simulated in synthetics.

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